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​Your Trusted Vehicle Inspection Partner in Sydney, Australia

Looking for reliable automotive inspection services in Sydney? Look no further than DoubleChex, your go-to destination for a wide range of vehicle inspection needs. Our team of experts specialises in pre-purchase car inspections, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s condition before making a decision. Whether it’s a classic car, a 4×4, a motorhome, or a heavy vehicle, we’ve got you covered.

Our services include thorough pre-sale car inspections, and mobile vehicle inspections right at your location. With years of experience, we provide on-site automotive inspection services, catering to your convenience. Our vehicle inspections are designed to amplify the interaction with the vehicles on offer, allowing you to make informed decisions.

As the leading name in automotive inspection services across Australia, we prioritise your experience. Our inspection checklist ensures that no detail is overlooked, from PPSR checks to inspection reports. Our range extends to trucks for sale in Sydney, covering everything from light 4.5-tonne trucks to heavy vehicles. We also offer comprehensive vehicle inspection reports, valuations, and more.

Automotive Inspection Services Near Me

For those seeking reliable automotive inspection services near Sydney, our team provides thorough and professional car inspections. With a focus on ensuring vehicle safety and performance, our car inspection services cover everything from mechanical components to structural integrity. Whether you’re buying a used car or need a routine inspection, trust our expertise for comprehensive evaluations and peace of mind. Our certified mechanics perform detailed car inspections in Sydney, ensuring your vehicle meets the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

We perform comprehensive car inspections in Sydney, covering all key aspects of the vehicle, including mechanical, electrical, and structural components. Our mobile service means we come to you, providing convenience and expert analysis by accredited mechanics.

​Yes, all of our inspections are completed by a qualified mechanic.  Mechanical repairer credentials can always be supplied at our client’s request.  We have over 15 years’ experience with not only the automotive industry, but also valuing and Insurance industries also.  Have a chat today to discuss your needs.

For all of our new clients, you can simply choose to call or e-mail us to book in your vehicle inspection.

 However, the easiest way to process the information we need, we always recommend filling our online enquiry form, once received you will receive your invoice and further payment instructions via your preferred contact method.  

​No, it is entirely up to the client if they wish to attend the inspection or not.  If you do not choose to attend the inspection, no worries, we will simply call you while we are with the vehicle before sending your report. 

​The same day,  we aim to deliver all our inspection reports the same day.  We understand that the seller isn’t always available during normal business hours, and we may do some inspections in the early evenings, if that is the case, we will aim to deliver your inspection report the next morning. 

As advertised,  our reports are not just a generic templates, every report is constructed to suit each individual vehicle configuration and adhering to our clients recommendations.

​​Yes, we are qualified diesel mechanics and pride our work in inspection all trucks, trailers light and heavy.  Simply visit our work gallery and see some of our truck inspection work.

Yes, what sets us apart from other competitors is that we are qualified diesel mechanics and pride our work in inspections all motorhomes light and heavy.  Simply click here and see some of our bus and motorhome inspection work.

Yes, we are qualified diesel mechanics and complete all types of machines includes excavators, tractors, forklifts and front-end loaders. Please see our machinery inspection page to see some of our work.

​Like most reputable vehicle mechanics, we carry our own Insurance policy covering any loss of the subject vehicle during our inspections, even during our test drive.