Advantages of using an infrared gun for diagnostic procedures

For all our classic vehicle inspections, inclusive of all vehicle not equipped with a suitable diagnostic port.

We measure the exhaust port temperatures outlets for any abnormalities in heat coming out of the combustion chamber.  With a classic and muscle car inspection pre purchase inspection this test is not only suitable to outlet gas temperatures (on the right exhaust manifold), but also braking systems, air-conditioning systems and HVAC systems.

​Here are some of the advantages when using an infrared gun when diagnosing vehicles without a suitable diagnostic port.  

Various aspects of engine components

With classic and older vehicle, the infrared gun is particularly useful when checking for any hot spots such as exhaust manifold temperatures on suitable manifolds, air conditioning compressors, power steering pulleys, any belt slip, catalytic convertor temperatures and coolant temperatures.

Braking systems

This is  self explanatory, however, brakes systems can be used to measure the performance the brake callipers or drums post test drive to ensure each wheel brake is operating as it should.

HVAC Systems

A critical element of purchasing a new vehicle, is the air-conditioning and heater working as it should?

A infrared gun can be suitable to measure the outlet air of the cabin vents to ensure heating and cooling capabilities.

This can test at the output vents, along all lines and at the condenser for a complete diagnosis of the entire system. You can also use it to identify if heating system failures are due to coolant circulation problems or blend door issues.

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