Our Frequently Asked Questions

​Yes, all of our inspections are completed by a qualified mechanic.  Mechanical repairer credentials can always be supplied at our client’s request.  We have over 15 years’ experience with not only the automotive industry, but also valuing and Insurance industries also.  Have a chat today to discuss your needs.

For all of our new clients, you can simply choose to call or e-mail us to book in your vehicle inspection.

 However, the easiest way to process the information we need, we always recommend filling our online enquiry form, once received you will receive your invoice and further payment instructions via your preferred contact method.  

​No, it is entirely up to the client if they wish to attend the inspection or not.  If you do not choose to attend the inspection, no worries, we will simply call you while we are with the vehicle before sending your report. 

​The same day,  we aim to deliver all our inspection reports the same day.  We understand that the seller isn’t always available during normal business hours, and we may do some inspections in the early evenings, if that is the case, we will aim to deliver your inspection report the next morning. 

As advertised,  our reports are not just a generic templates, every report is constructed to suit each individual vehicle configuration and adhering to our clients recommendations.

​​Yes, we are qualified diesel mechanics and pride our work in inspection all trucks, trailers light and heavy.  Simply visit our work gallery and see some of our truck inspection work.

Yes, what sets us apart from other competitors is that we are qualified diesel mechanics and pride our work in inspections all motorhomes light and heavy.  Simply click here and see some of our bus and motorhome inspection work.

Yes, we are qualified diesel mechanics and complete all types of machines includes excavators, tractors, forklifts and front-end loaders. Please see our machinery inspection page to see some of our work.

​Like most reputable vehicle mechanics, we carry our own Insurance policy covering any loss of the subject vehicle during our inspections, even during our test drive.

What services do you offer?

Pre-purchase Inspections Sydney
Pre-sale Inspections Sydney
Finance Inspections
End Of Warranty Inspections
Independent Valuations
Third Party Motor Assessments 
Repair Disputes

How do I book a pre purchase car inspection?

  1. Make a booking (website, email and phone calls accepted)
  2. We confirm your booking with the seller or dealership
  3. You will receive your invoice by e-mail complete with payment instructions
  4. We complete the inspection at the specified date/time
  5. Onsite phone call completed to discuss vehicle particulars
  6. Your comprehensive report, PPSR certificate, CarHistory Report and valuation received the same day!

The Most Comprehensive Used Car Inspections in Sydney

What Do You Receive?

  • Our tailored report received the same day – Not just a template
  • 100+ high definition image schedule
  • PPSR certificate
  • CarHistory Report. RRP $36.95
  • Valuation completed with recent sales data supplied
  • Head-gasket condition check
  • Coolant Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil test completed
  • An in-house mechanic  – no outside contractors 
  • Comprehensive test drive completed – Not just around the block!

What Do You Receive?

Want to make a fast decision after your inspection?
No worries.  We will contact you after each inspection and run down all our concerns (if any) with you and give you the best understanding of what you are purchasing so you can make the right decision.

No time to talk over the phone? 
That’s fine, we aim to send your report on the same day for morning inspections, and the net morning for evening inspections. 

Tips when booking a pre purchase inspection

Always ask for a motor vehicle repairers licence

It is illegal for a company to diagnose any vehicle without appropriate credentials. You must have a valid tradesperson licence. 
When engaging a mechanic to inspect your next asset, make sure you know who your getting.
It is ok to ask your service provider for their credentials. This is common practice. 

Discuss vehicle inspection points in detail

Your are paying for a personalised inspection, as such, the inspector must run through the inspection procedure and have answers for any relevent questions you may have. 

We know the industry

  • Paint thickness (for any pre-existing repairs)
  • Glass
  • Rust
  • Door seals 
  • Mirrors
  • Headlamps
  • Tail lamps
  • Wheel damage
  • Tyre depth 


  • Oil leaks (engine, transmission, differential)
  • Engine oil level
  • Full service history inspection   ​ (log books) 
  • Brake pad wear
  • Gear changes
  • Clutch operation
  • Lubrication inspection (tail shaft, grease points, steering components)
  • Suspension/steering components
  • Internal compression leak test (Head gasket condition)
  • Coolant anti-freeze/anti boil test
  • Road test 


  • Air-conditioning operation/gas check
  • Demister
  • Instrument cluster
  • Windows
  • Electric mirrors
  • Audio system
  • Navigation systems
  • Reverse camera (if fitted)
  • All system computer scan with full report


  • Seats (cushions, tears etc..)
  • Carpet flooring
  • Dashboard
  • Seat belts
  • Interior lighting
  • Interior handles
  • Interior fittings ​(ashtrays, sun glass holder, rear mounted screens etc..)
  • Rattles/noises on test drive
  • Hood lining

Our car inspection service areas

  • Auburn 
  • Austral
  • Badgerys Creek
  • Bankstown
  • Bella Vista
  • Beverly Hills
  • Bondi
  • Concord
  • Campbelltown
  • Central Coast
  • Ermington
  • ​Parramatta
  • Fairfield
  • Hunters Hill
  • Illawarra
  • Ingleburn
  • Londonderry
  • Macquarie Park
  • Narrabeen
  • Northmead
  • ​North Sydney
  • Pennant Hills
  • Putney
  • Sydney
  • Sydney Olympic Park
  • Zetlands






CARHISTORY REPORT (valued at $36.95)

MARKET VALUATION (with online examples)




Are you an interstate buyer?

We strive to complete a comprehensive pre purchase vehicle inspection based in Sydney, NSW which allows our clients to purchase the vehicle in confidence without the hassle of flight bookings, hire cars and hotel costs just to look at a lemon! (which can be quite expensive)

Double Chex will send you a same day easy to read report providing you with the tools you need to make your final decision all from the comfort of your living room.

Our inclusions include a vast amount of high-resolution images will provide you with you the information you need leaving no stone unturned.

Please explore our website and see what exactly you receive with our services. Or, request a sample report here

What if I found the perfect used car interstate?

If you’re considering purchasing a used car and have found one located out of town, it may be tempting to book a flight to go see it in person. However, before you pay for any airfares, it’s crucial that you complete a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle. This will help you identify any potential problems with the car before you commit to buying it, potentially saving you a lot of money and stress in the long run. So, before you book your flight, make sure to schedule a pre-purchase inspection with a trusted mechanic or inspection service. Only after you have the results of the inspection should you decide whether to move forward with the purchase or not.