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Double Chex provides mobile vehicle inspection services in the Sydney, Central Coast, and Illawarra regions. Receive same day comprehensive reports with complimentary market valuation guides.  
We have extensive experience in the automotive and insurance industries providing our clients with a specific skill set when choosing to purchase a used car.
We have the latest up to date workshop scan tools to suit all types of vehicle applications with every make and model covered.
We aim to deliver quality, concise reports in order to give our clients a peace of mind when choosing to purchase their next used car.

We know the industry

With over 15 years professional experience, we are experts within the automotive repairs, finance and used vehicle market in order to bring you a specific sets of skills that sets us apart from your average mobile vehicle inspector. 

Anyone with basic tools can go out and have a look at a car….

We pride ourselves as keeping the upmost professionalism and skill throughout the entire mobile vehicle inspection process. ​

From receiving your booking to phoning our clients, we ensure that the inspection process runs as smooth as possible and mitigating any risk. 

Licensed mobile mechanic repairers licence ​MVRL57595

We are a licensed mobile vehicle workshop. 

What does that mean?

We do NOT use unreliable third party mechanics to conduct any of our inspections.

Mechanics are hired directly by Double Chex with the right inhouse training received to ensure quality control.

​Our mobile mechanics repairers licence will also allow us to disassemble and diagnose any components in accordance with manufacturers standards – upon request. 

Compression Leak Testing
​(head-gasket condition)

The Compression leak test detects any presence of Co2 (carbon dioxide) within the cooling system.​

​The presence of Co2 indicates there is an internal combustion leak within the engine which will ultimately cause compression drop in the cylinders and resultant head gasket failures. ​​


Please note that the internal engine compression check is NOT completed during our inspection process.

​Beware of other pre purchase inspector’s claiming that the engine compression test is completed – this is entirely false.  A ‘conventional’ engine compression test will require partial disassembly of engine components and will take hours to complete depending on the exact engine configuration. 

Independent Asset Valuations

We supply you with a unbiased independent valuations of the subject vehicle of how much we think you should be paying.

​With attached market examples to ensure our you are paying within the expected market value for your next investment.  We take the overall condition and kilometres travelled into consideration. 

Receive your report the same day

​Accredited motor vehicle repairer 

We are fully mobile and always come to you

100% satisfaction for all of our clients
​Our mobile pre purchase car inspection services aim to accurately assess and report in a way that all our clients will understand without all the technical jargon!

Right after you initial no obligation FREE phone consult, we will advise you on what may be the best way to approach your used vehicle inspection. we take any concerns our clients may have into consideration.

We proudly offer you a in depth personal experience with every vehicle inspection completed.  We limit ourselves on how many pre purchase inspections we complete during a single day to ensure we keep our personal relationships with our clients strong.

Rest assure your inspection report is NOT a generic templates used by most companies, every inspection report is meticulously complied to suit every individual vehicle and optioned features.

With our onsite phone call, rest assure that we will relay all the necessary information to our clients in order to make a decision sooner rather then later when time is a factor.  

Our service doesn’t stop there! we are always available to answer any questions or concerns out clients may have with their potential purchase.  We are also proactive in conversations with the seller or dealer to ensure all information is transparent making the purchase process a breeze from start to finish.
Our pre purchase car inspections in Sydney will be guaranteed to give you the peace of mind when taking the next step and committing to purchasing your next car weather it be your daily driver, work utility or the humble family wagon.

​As advertised, all of our pre purchase vehicle inspections come complete with a complimentary valuations.  We have the training and industry knowledge to carry out and report on the vehicles market values based on its age, mileage, current condition and any outstanding repairs that need to be completed.  

All Pre Purchase Car Inspections are completed by a nationally accredited mechanic with extensive experience in all aspects of the motor industry. Credentials can be provided upon request at any time requested!
One of our mobile units attending to a pre purchase inspection

How much does a pre purchase inspection cost?

The cost of your pre purchase car inspection is virtually priceless when you take the risk factor out of making your next purchase

you could  potentially save the entire cost of the inspection multiple times over!

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Why choose us for your next pre purchase car inspection?

There are several reasons why you would benefit from relying on our trusted and reputable service.

  • Our team has more than 25 years of collective knowledge and experience in the industry. You can enjoy the benefit of our extensive knowledge about all aspects surrounding the purchase of a used car in Sydney. Our proficiency covers all elements from financing to repairs of used and classic cars.
  • We have a licensed mobile vehicle workshop, and our team of professional mechanics will take complete care to inspect every aspect of the vehicle you’re planning to purchase, at your premises. We understand that the deal might be time-sensitive and therefore we go out of our way to bring you your car pre-sale valuation report on the same day.
  • Not all concerns can be seen. We take extra care to provide you with certainty about your investment by adding compression leak testing to our service. We can determine if there is any carbon dioxide in the car’s cooling system through compression leak testing, which a clear indication of internal combustion leaks. You would want to know this before investing in any used or classic car.

Purchasing any kind of vehicle is an investment, and we provide you with the information to avoid making a risky deal.

What we include with our car inspections?

We know the industry

  • Paint thickness (for any pre-existing repairs)
  • Glass
  • Rust
  • Door seals 
  • Mirrors
  • Headlamps
  • Tail lamps
  • Wheel damage
  • Tyre depth 


  • Oil leaks (engine, transmission, differential)
  • Engine oil level
  • Full service history inspection   ​ (log books) 
  • Brake pad wear
  • Gear changes
  • Clutch operation
  • Lubrication inspection (tail shaft, grease points, steering components)
  • Suspension/steering components
  • Internal compression leak test (Head gasket condition)
  • Coolant anti-freeze/anti boil test
  • Road test 


  • Air-conditioning operation/gas check
  • Demister
  • Instrument cluster
  • Windows
  • Electric mirrors
  • Audio system
  • Navigation systems
  • Reverse camera (if fitted)
  • All system computer scan with full report


  • Seats (cushions, tears etc..)
  • Carpet flooring
  • Dashboard
  • Seat belts
  • Interior lighting
  • Interior handles
  • Interior fittings ​(ashtrays, sun glass holder, rear mounted screens etc..)
  • Rattles/noises on test drive
  • Hood lining

What is a paint thickness test?

A coating thickness gauge is utilised to test the coating thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (otherwise known as magnetic and non-magnetic metal surfaces).

When conducting an inspection and a piece of equipment, we are able to determine not only the thickness of the subject panel coating (i.e paint), but to determine whether there are any underlaying imperfections that we cannot see to the naked eye.
These imperfections include;

  • Body rust
  • Chassis rust
  • Body filler
  • Substandard welds
  • Rust plates
  • Fish plates
  • Sand blasting
  • Primer thickness
  • Body deadener

All of the above mentioned are crucial factors in determining if the subject vehicle deemed as being safe with no other unexpected pre-existing damages or repairs.
In short, a coasting thickness or paint thickness test is crucial when completing vehicle inspections. No matter if it is for a pre-purchase inspection, warranty inspection or repair dispute inspections. 


With all our pre purchase car inspections Sydney, we supply all of our clients with a CarHistory report absolutely free of charge. CarHistory offers inclusions that we think will benefit our clients.  

  •       Vehicle financial liability check
  •       Damages, stolen status and written off check
  •       Odometer check
  •       Vehicle Buyback Insurance
  •       PPSR Certificate
  •       Vehicle valuation and registration details
  •       Sales price and odometer reading comparison
  •       National view of the vehicle’s history
  •       Previous sale information
  •       ANCAP safety and emission ratings

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