Truck Inspections

Most Comprehensive Pre Purchase Used Truck Inspections

Our Mobile Pre Purchase Truck Inspections Include:

  •  Tipper truck inspections
  • Crane truck inspection
  • Concrete agitator inspection 
  • Trailer inspections
  • Caravan inspections
  • Curtainsider truck inspection
  • Pantech truck inspection 
  • Fleet inspections
  • Motorhome inspections


Our Truck inspections in Sydney encompass a diverse range of vehicles, spanning from small Pantech’s to 90-tonne rated B double combinations and everything in between.

Our expertise isn’t limited to pre-purchase inspections alone; we also perform pre-sale and post-repair inspections, all conducted by a qualified heavy vehicle mechanic with a wealth of experience in motor vehicle assessing. We are more than willing to provide credentials upon request to ensure your confidence in our service.

​Our commitment is to deliver comprehensive mobile heavy vehicle inspections across the Sydney region, focusing on industry-specific aspects. This includes in-depth checks of the interior, computer systems, clutch engagement/free play, brake linings, turntable free play, and air pressure systems.

Regardless of the vehicle’s configuration, whether it’s a tipper, motor home, heavy trailer, caravan, tautliner, or concrete agitator, we meticulously inspect all plant bodies and attachments while thoroughly reporting on functions and features.

Discounts for Multiple Vehicles

We value your time and understand its significance, so our goal is to conduct thorough inspections that ensure your vehicle is prepared to meet the demands of daily contracts or holiday excursions.

For those with multiple vehicles, we offer a discounted rate when inspecting multiple vehicles within the same complex, extending our full range of services to cover them all.

Rest assured, our heavy vehicle inspections in Sydney are exclusively carried out by qualified diesel mechanics, ensuring the reliability and dependability of your valuable assets. Diesel qualification certificates are available upon request for our clients’ peace of mind.

How much does a truck inspection cost?

Please note prices listed are based within the Sydney Metropolitan area. 

Complete truck inspection under 4.5 Tonne GVM | from $399+ GST

Complete truck inspection over 4.5 Tonne GVM | from $499+ GST

What Do You Receive?

  • Detailed Report received the same day
  • 100+ high definition image Schedule
  • PPSR certificate
  • CarHistory Report
  • Valuation
  • Examples of comparable vehicles for sale online
  • Onsite phone call
  • Heavy vehicle test drive completed – NOT JUST AROUND THE BLOCK



Want to make a fast decision after your inspection? No worries.  We will contact you after each inspection and run down all our concerns (if any) with you and give you the best understanding of what you are purchasing so you can make the right decision.

No time to talk over the phone? That’s fine, we aim to send your report on the same day for morning inspections, and the net morning for evening inspections. 

Why Choose Us?

Digital Paint Testing
We are equipped to test the paint thickness to determine any possible pre-existing repairs, body filler, or any other nasty surprises under the paintwork.

Diagnostic Testing
We provide computer diagnostics scanning, and comprehensively check all available onboard modules to discover any hidden faults. We can reset any inactive faults and monitor the vehicle for the remainder of the inspection.

Complimentary Valuations
We are expert valuers and can provide you with a valuation report, with attached market examples, to ensure our clients are paying within the expected market value for any vehicle.​

Compression Leak Testing (head-gasket condition)​
The compression leak test detects any presence of Co2 (carbon dioxide) within the cooling system.​ The presence of Co2 indicates there is an internal combustion leak within the engine which will ultimately cause compression drop in the cylinders.

Used Truck Inspection Checklist


  • Paint thickness
  • Pre-existing repairs
  • Glass
  • Rust
  • Rubber sealing
  • Spotter mirrors


  • Oil leaks (engine, transmission, differential)
  • Gear changes
  • Clutch free play
  • Lubrication inspection (tail shaft, grease points, steering components)
  • Wheels/tyres (tread depth)
  • Suspension/steering components
  • Computer download for active fault codes
  • Internal compression leak test (head gasket condition)
  • Coolant test
  • King pins 
  • Turntable
  • Airbag suspension
  • ADR35 air systems check (RMS requirement)


  • Air-conditioning operation/gas check
  • Instrument cluster
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Audio system
  • Full computer download of all systems to detect any hidden faults that a visual inspection cannot reveal
  • CB radio
  • Reverse camera (if fitted)


  • Seats (cushions, tears etc..)
  • vinyl flooring
  • Dashboard
  • Seat belts
  • Fittings
  • Rattles/noises
  • Handles
  • Hood lining
  • Sleeper bunk

What is a paint thickness test?

A coating thickness gauge is utilised to test the coating thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (otherwise known as magnetic and non-magnetic metal surfaces).

​Ferrous metals include:

  • Steel panels
  • Iron chassis and engine blocks

Non-ferrous metals include:

  • Aluminium panels
  • Tin panels


​When conducting an inspection and a piece of equipment, we are able to determine not only the thickness of the subject panel coating (i.e paint), but to determine whether there are any underlaying imperfections that we cannot see to the naked eye.

These imperfections include:

  • Body rust
  • Chassis rust
  • Body filler
  • Substandard welds
  • Rust plates
  • Fish plates
  • Sand blasting
  • Primer thickness
  • Body deadener


All of the above mentioned are crucial factors in determining if the subject vehicle deemed as being safe with no other unexpected pre-existing damages
​or repairs.

In short, a coasting thickness or paint thickness test is crucial when completing vehicle inspections. No matter if it is for a pre-purchase inspection, warranty inspection or repair dispute inspections.

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