Our Terms & Conditions

Our aim is to provide the most accurate professional opinion based on the current state of the vehicle at the time of our inspection only.
Pre-Purchase inspection reports are NOT intended for legal proceeding and/or NCAT disputes.
This inspection report is intended for whom it is addressed only and no other parties. No responsibility is accepted to any party who relies on the content of this report.
All inspections by Double Chex are completed on a case by case basis.  In turn, all vehicles have different systems and measures in place which are all subject to some variance with every inspection.
All inspections are largely visual based with no mechanical components removed and/or reworks completed unless specified by the authorised owner and/or operator.
The engines internal compression has not been tested.
Double Chex Pty Ltd adopts public road rules and will therefore travel the applicable speed limit as posted at/or around the inspection address.
Speciality systems which may/or may not be installed in the vehicle cannot be internally inspected and/or overhauled due to the complex design.  These systems include, but not limited to, the ABS module, electric steering, and Airbag systems.
All inspections are completed by a competent professional with all relevant certificates.  All credentials can be supplied upon request.
Due to the nature of inspections completed, no warranties and/or guaranties shall be unless components are correctly removed, inspected, and tested as per manufactures standards.

This valuation is current as at the date of valuation only. The asset value may change unexpectedly due to unforeseen market changes. We do not accept liability for losses arising from any market change.
The valuation supplied expires after a period of three months from the date of the valuation.  This time period is subject to change of due to any unforeseen market movements.